Our Services

Integrations that give you the efficiency you need without sacrificing effectiveness.

Design Philosophy

Function > Form

Our design philosophy is simple; it needs to work. Above all else, it needs to be useful. You won't find us quoting or installing superfluous gear or designing a pile driver when you only need a hammer. We strive to give you exactly what you need without any of the fat.

With more than 50 years combined experience in the electrical and technology sectors, the Articulate team is comprised of people who are passionate about technology and the advantages offered by it. We are electricians, programmers, technologists, and networking specialists working as a cohesive unit. This level of collaboration allows us to offer solutions above and beyond the status quo.


Our services are highly customizable and tuned to your specific needs.


Whatever you're doing, your devices need power. From simple 120 volt appliances all the way up to heavy industrial, Articulate's got you covered. We care about your applications and your end-points. Everything we do, we do with a particular outcome and device in mind. This device-first philosophy allows us to identify problems and solutions before installation. We're skilled tradesmen with a number of backgrounds, we have the experience and technology to take on a vast array of jobs, including but not limited to:

  • Automation
  • PLC / HMI
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Instrumentation
  • Low-Voltage


Give yourself the confidence and peace of mind by automating critical systems and alarms. Rest easy knowing that your buildings and worksites are being monitored around the clock with our environmental alarms and CCTV systems. Power goes out? You'll know about it. Pump starting to fail? We can tell you that too. From the smallest single alarm systems to full scale plant automation, Articulate can keep you in the drivers seat even when you're 2000 miles away.


More and more we're seeing network infrastructure become the backbone of automation systems. Articulate can design, deploy & maintain your system from scratch.


We live in a world of disposable products and critical timelines. We understand that your operation needs to work when it's time to work, we support our communications and production networks 24/7.