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IT & OT Together at Last

We design, build, install, maintain and service your electrical systems and everything related.

When we design something, we want it to last. With us, you'll find a robust core of technologists and electricians working together to make sure you're online when it counts.

Through our convergence of IT and OT we can put your plant online in real time vs a snapshot in time. Using Video, SCADA, HMI technologies and cloud based IOT, we put your plant in live view online so you can see your plant working at optimal performance from wherever you are.


Our services are highly customizable and tuned to your specific needs.


Design, build, install, maintain, from inception and for the entire lifespan of the project. Whatever you're doing, your devices need power. From simple 120 volt appliances all the way up to heavy industrial, Articulate's got you covered.

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From simple environmental monitoring all the way to full plant automation, we can bring your site into the modern age. An array of controls, sensors and communications are designed to maximize production and minimize downtime.

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Network Services

Network services are the backbone of any fully automated site. Our network services team can bring your systems online and make sure they're secure. Don't have internal IT to keep it online? Articulate has got you covered.

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A Division of RMC Group of Companies Ltd.

The RMC Group of Companies Ltd. is a family owned organization that specializes in the supply of concrete and related services. Our vertical integration throughout the companies allows us to work with our partners to ensure our customers receive any service or product their home requires. We are able to support our customers from start to finish, stress free.

Safety & Environment

We live here too. We recognize the significance of sustainable development and the importance of maintaining the environment around us.


We live and work in the communities we serve. Our obligation to the safety of our people and the environments they work in is our top priority. We are committed to clean-site principals and leaving no trace when possible.


Our staff is well trained and well spoken in assessing hazards and neutralizing the problems up front. We've found that the best way to stay safe is to be educated about the potential dangers and work in a culture that doesn't look down on those that speak up.